Pasture-Raised, Dry-Aged Beef With Flavor You Can Savor

MiBek Farms is a family owned and operated farm based in Barnwell County, South Carolina.  The MiBek Family has spent over a decade refining a beef program that employs good land and cattle stewardship practices to result in extraordinary tasting beef.   

MiBek Farms raises Angus Cattle in open pastures year-round.  Cattle consume a diet natural to their ruminant system which includes grass, plant fiber, and hay.   MiBek Farms does not feed or finish cattle on corn or other cereal grains. No antibiotics are fed nor growth hormones administered. The MiBek program instead focuses on cultivating grass pastures and reducing cattle stress to result in tender, tasty beef.  

MiBek Beef is harvested at a USDA inspected facility in South Carolina that is also Certified Humane.  After harvest, MiBek Beef is dry-aged for 18 to 20 days to enhance tenderness and flavor.  Dry-Aging is an old-fashioned process that allows the beef to tenderize naturally and develop a richer and more complex beefy flavor.  After aging, the beef is hand-carved and packaged in clearly labeled vacuum sealed packages.  

All MiBek Beef is frozen to maintain quality for as long as you want to keep it in your freezer.  You won't lose it until you use it!

You can order your favorite beef cuts online and they will be reserved for you to pick-up at the farm or at a Farmers Market regularly attended by MiBek Farms. Live out of state?  We also ship!

Quarter Beef Box

Quarter Beef Box

Buy a Rolls Royce and it gets depreciated.  Buy MiBek Beef and it gets appreciated.  MiBek Farms is now offering a Quarter-Beef Package that includes delicious, pasture-raised, dry-aged beef for those who wish to stock their freezer with the best.  This package offers the quantity and variety of cuts found in a quarter beef.  Your cuts will be evaluated and hand-selected to ensure your receive the best of our beef selection. Included cuts are listed below.  This package weighs in at about 130 pounds and would require about 4 to 5 cubic ft of freezer space.  

**As with all our beef boxes, the price is subject to vary slightly based on weights of available cuts.

1 - Rump Roast

2 - London Broil 

1 - Sirloin Tip Center Cut Roast

1 - Brisket - Flat Cut

1 - Brisket - Point Cut

1 - Shoulder Roll Roast

1 - Petite Tender

1 - Eye of Round Roast

4 - Short Ribs

2 - Filet Mignon

2 - Bavette Steak 

2 - Denver Steak

1 - Bluffton Blade 

2 - Sirloin Steak

1 - Picanha

1 - Tri-Tip Roast

2 - Cubed Steak

1 - Flank Steak

1 - Sierra Steak 

2 - Skirt Steak

2 - Beef Tips

2 - Ranch Steak

2 - Delmonico Steak

6 - Bone-In Rib Eye Steak

6 - New York Strip Steak

40 - Ground Beef - in 1 LB packages

3 - Soup Bones

4 - Beef Ribs 

1 - Sirloin Tip Roll Roast

**Not included are sausages, organ meats, or oxtail. If you are interested in adding these cuts please let us know!

$ 1,399.00 Approximate Item Price