Pasture-Raised Beef Should Taste Extraordinary

MiBek Beef is Pasture-Raised and Dry-Aged

MiBek Farms is a family owned and operated farm based in Barnwell County, South Carolina.  We raise Black Angus Cattle in open pastures year-round. MiBek Cattle consume a diet natural to their ruminant system (grass and plant fiber like hay).  We do not feed nor finish our cattle with corn or other cereal grains. We do not feed antibiotics or administer growth hormones. 

Additionally, MiBek Beef is dry-aged for 18 to 20 days to enhance tenderness and flavor.  Dry-Aging is an old-fashioned process that allows the beef to tenderize naturally and the beef flavors to concentrate and develop complexity.  After dry-aging for 18 to 20 days, the beef is hand-carved, packaged in individual cuts, and frozen to maintain quality for as long as you want to keep it in your freezer.  

We hope you enjoy your experience with MiBek Beef and we welcome hearing from you!